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  We have at our disposal all necessary equipment and transport to perform prompt delivery of the 2nd class hazardous cargo i.e. cryogenic products and compressed gases. We deliver our products within Russia by trucks with plated weight up to 20 tons.

● Filling gas driven cars with our products. This operation can be paid by bank transfers.

● Filling household balloons with propane-butane.

● Draining of nonevaporable residuals.

● Provision of balloons for replacement.

● Requalification of gas balloons in accordance with regulatory document Safety Rules 03-576-03 “Rules for Design and Safe Operation of Pressure Vessels”.

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5001  Processing of balloons with capacity up to 12 l. for pure and rare gases.
5002  Processing of balloons with capacity up to 40 l. for pure and rare gases and oxygen 5.0
5003  Processing of balloons for zero nitrogen, oxygen 3.5 and technical gas mixtures.
5004  Technical requalification of balloons for technical gases in accordance with GOST 949-73
5006  Initial preparation of balloons (laser oxygen and high-purity hydrogen)
5007-1  Membrane valve replacement in 4-12 l. balloons
5007  Membrane valve replacement in 40 l. balloons
5035 Packed valve replacement in 40 l. balloons
5033  Metal cap for balloons
5034  Rubber gasket for balloons
5009  Balloons painting for technical and zero gases
5010  Valve closing appliance
5029  Liquid nitrogen delivery by 5.7 tons (per 1 ton)
5011  Transportation by truck
5012  Transportation by railway transport
5013  Balloons rent (1-40 l. for 3,6 and 12 months)
5015  Containers rent (8 balloons for 3,6 and 12 months)
5016  Pawn for steel balloons with capacity of 1-40 l.
5017  Pawn for containers (8 balloons)
5018  Filling balloons with fire-extinguishing gas inergen (CO2+Ar+N2)
5022  Certificate of origin (ST-1) issuing
5026  Balloons marking
5028  Technical reinspection of balloons (methane) 
5027  Valve handwheel replacement (technical and zero gases)
5040  Mounting of our client’s valves
5041  Proof pressure test of balloons with capacity up to 12 l.
5042  Laboratory tests of pure gases and gas mixtures
5036  Balloons handling operations (40 l. and 80 l.)

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