Carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is an uncolored gas without smell and it is stored at a pressure of 65-70 atm.


Carbon dioxideJSC “Moscow Gas Refinery Plant” provides liquefied carbon dioxide in balloons to different industries. In food manufacturing industry it is used as a preservation agent for fizzy drinks production. In metal working industry CO2 is used as a protective gas for hot-wire gas tungsten arc welding.
Technical carbon dioxide produced and provided by "MGPZ" is certified by National Agency for Testing and Welding in accordance with specification RD 03-613-03 and this is a guarantee of the product’s quality.


Carbon dioxideOur company has a sufficient capacity of special transport to deliver liquefied carbon dioxide (10-17 tons) to our customers. We also offer delivery of CO2 in balloons and single block units.
Moreover "MGPZ" produces and sells various welding mixtures which contain carbon dioxide. Depending on the kind of metals which are exposed to welding the mixture contains from 2 to 25% of CO2. For details concerning welding mixtures please refer to section Mixtures for semi-automatic welding

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