Welding mixture for semi-automatic welding
Western and domestic companies use semi-automatic welding with the protective welding gas mixture. It is used for large and small metalworks.
The welding gas mixture is required for the production of most welding works. The price of it is slightly higher compared with the traditional protective gas. The welding mixture based on argon is the most popular. It contains 80% argon and 20% carbon dioxide.
The protective welding gas mixture is used for welding of carbon, alloyed and stainless steel. You can apply for the purchase of this mixture to our factory at any time.
The welding mixture which JSC MGPZ produces ensures high quality of welding and speed. Also it helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Moreover, it is cheaper to buy the welding mixture than spending money on electrode wire and electricity.
Advantages of welding mixtures based on argon:
• the welding speed is much higher compared with traditional welding;
• losses of metal welding wire are reduced by 80%;
• the number of adherent metal splash on welded joints is reduced that decreases the time required for their removal;
• the depth of weld penetration is increased contributing to greater structural strength;
• the stability of the electric arc in the welding process is improved;
• the number of pores in the welded joints is decreased sharply and as a result non-metallic inclusions are reduced;
• working conditions of the welder are improved;
• the health of the welder is saved;
• the total reduction of welding costs is not less than 15-20%.
Your company will take a step forward in welding with our welding mixture and even semi-skilled welders can cope with tasks.

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