Top grade argon produced by our plant is certified by National Agency for Testing and Welding and this is the evidence of high quality of our product. If you use this gas in your production process you may be confident of quality and reliability of welding seam.
Argon is a chemical element and, noble gas without colour, taste and smell.
The key performance of argon is the following:
  • The density gaseous argon is 1.784 kg/m3 at 0 oC and 760 mmc.
  • The boiling point is -186 oC
  • Melting point is -189 oC
  • Dew point is -185.9 oC
  • Crystallizing point is 189.4 oC
АргонАргонПродажа аргонаПродажа аргона
In industry argon is obtained from the atmosphere by separating air into its constituent oxygen and nitrogen. Argon is contained in an unlimited amount in the atmosphere because the air is inexhaustible. Argon doesn’t react and after use it goes back to the atmosphere, making a kind of "rotation".
The scope of argon is quite wide:
  • in incandescent lamps (to slow evaporation of tungsten from the spiral)
  • as a protective medium of  weld puddle (arc, laser welding)
  • in plasma generators – plasmatrons ( for machining, welding and cutting of metals or as a heat source)
  • in insulating glass units (for a significant reduction of the thermal conductivity of glass) - in the food industry as a food additive E938 ("packaging gas") - in medicine, during the conduct of operations (for air purification in the operating room), etc.
Argon gas is stored and transported in steel balloons under a pressure of 150 atmospheres. A standard 40-liter balloon holds 6,4 m3 of gas at this pressure.
Argon varies according to the degree of purification. JSC MGPZ makes and sells argon (GOST 10157-79) with the following characteristics:


the proportion of argon, %, not less  99,993 99,987
the proportion of oxygen, %, no more 0,0007 0,002
the proportion of nitrogen, %, no more  0,005 0,01
the proportion of water vapor (condensation point), %, no more  0,0009 (- 61оС) 0,001 (-58оС)
the proportion of the amount of carbonaceous compounds in СО2 equivalent, %, no more 0,0005 0,001


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