Propane sales and filling.

Propane-butane is a liquefied mixture of two oil gases which is made of oil and associated gases and for majority of producers this gas is a byproduct. In other words "PROPANE", is a mixture of propane (40% and more) and butane. Propane-butane technical mixture comprises 90% of all sales of hydrocarbon gases. Liquefied petroleum gas or propane-butane is widely used in industry, welding, by households and automobile transport as fuel gas. Different alloys, detergents oxygenates and fungicide additives are mixed with propane-butane.
LPG (GOST 20448-90) is delivered to customers in liquid condition and in order to maintain liquid form it is transported and stored under the pressure of 1.6 MPa (16 atmospheres).

Propane salesPropane salesPropane fillingPropane filling

Our company fills 5-50 litres gas balloons with propane-butane gas mixture for household needs and the ratio of liquefied gas is less than 90%. Depending on the season there is different volume ratio of propane and butane: in summer it is 50/50 and in winter proportion of butane is prevailed. For customers propane-butane gas mixture is an alternative to methane when there is no possibility of pipe laying or connection to a gas pipeline.
JSC "MGPZ" operates its own automatic compressor gas filling station and effects fuelling of cars with high-quality propane-butane gas mixture. Moreover we offer gas balloons filling for all household needs to our customers. You can find the price list for gas filling services in the following table:


Balloon capacityPrice including VAT in RUR
50 l. balloon 730
27 l. balloon 380
12 l. balloon 195
5 l. balloon 114

27 l. tank


50 l. tank



Lack of nonevaporable residuals excludes the possibility of gear units frosting and makes it possible to consume all gas in balloons and this fact results in significantly enhanced time interval between refilling of balloons. JSC "MGPZ" may deliver filled gas balloons to the destination you need. Our company also renders services of gas transportation to gas-holders and gas storage vessels by means of truck which is able to deliver 3.5 tons of propane-butane gas mixture.
Please, get in contact with our sales and marketing department to specify prices for abovementioned services Tel: +7 (498) 657-48-24. You may also turn to section «Contacts».
Propane filling
Filling cars with gas at automatic compressor gas filling stations is similar to ordinary fuelling with gasoline. Propane sales and fuelling are effected 24 hours a day.

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