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     mgpz 1The foundation of the Moscow Gas Refinery Plant in Razvilka was connected with construction of the first gas pipeline between Moscow and Saratov and in was based on the order of the Council of Ministers dated by March 23, 1953. Firstly the plant was used for provision Moscow with gas by eliminating peak load of gas consumption. In 1954 the production process ofmethane liquefactionits pouring off into special tanks and regasification with subsequent return to the pipeline was developed. The following plant modernization is linked tightly with rapid development of space technologies, semiconductor engineering and research and development in vital areas of national economy.Thus based on the process of liquefaction of natural gas, helium production equipment was developed. Its manufacturing began in 1963.During the period from 1960 to 1963 in accordance with the government resolution the plant effected technological process modernization and developed gas conversion process of all gases transferred by means of "Saratov-Moscow" pipeline.

  truba   In 1975 industrial production of Helium "A" was assimilated in USSR. This product contained 99.995% of pure substance, Nowadays MGPZ is able to provide customers with sufficient volume of high-purity helium “6.0” with volume ratio of 99.9999 and on this basis it can compete with leading European gas refinery companies. The Moscow Gas Refinery Plant continuously provides production quality improvement alongside with enhancing range of products by means of modernizing production process.

All products are certified and meet all Russian standards and requirements.


Taking into consideration rapidly growing number of cars and permanently worsening ecological situation in Moscow our key developments are aimed at providing customers and petrol stations with alternative fuel and compressed gas and implementation of automatic compressor gas filling stations.


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 Issuer: JSC “Moscow Gas Refinery Plant”

 Issuer’s address: Razvilka t., Leninskiy distr., Moscow reg.,142717 Russia

 Registered in Inter-District Office of the Federal Tax Service No. 14 in Moscow Region on September 12, 2005.

 Primary State Registration Number: No. 1055011331264

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Registrar: JSC "Moscow Gas Refinery Plant"

Registrar’s address: Razvilka t., Leninskiy distr., Moscow reg.,142717 Russia

Public authority: Inter-District Office of the Federal Tax Service No. 14 in Moscow Region

Primary State Registration Number and date: No. 1055011331264 dated by September 12, 2005.



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