High-purity methane.

The production process of high-purity methane from natural gas took place in 2006 when the equipment was put into operation by plant specialists.
Methane is a primary hydrocarbon without color and smell. The chemical composition is CH4. It is slightly soluble and lighter than air. Methane isn’t toxic and harmless for people’s health. It’s highly explosive when accumulated in rooms and premises. Methane forms an explosive mixture together with air with volume ratio of methane from 5 to 15%. Maximum allowable concentration of methane in working area is 7000 mg/m3. It has the 4th class of hazard.
High-purity methane production unit is the unique equipment and it is in a single copy in Russia. Its technological processes are based on the processes of low-temperature rectification, adsorption and compressing. The production process is put into practice by qualified specialists in strict compliance with high-purity methane production regulations of company’s standard STO 00153318-003-2007 “Finished goods acceptance procedure”, materials control schedule and technological process. The modern certified means of gas analysis provide trusted control of produced methane purity which is 99.99% which is far above requirements of specification TU 51-841-87.
Storage and transportation of high-purity methane is effected in red carbon steel balloons made in conformity with GOST 949-73 under the pressure of 150 and 200 kgs/sm2. High-purity methane is used in hi-tech scientific and technological processes and in production of state zero gases. All-Russia D.I. Mendeleyev Scientific and Research Institute for Metrology certifies methane produced by JSC “MGPZ” as a benchmark and uses it as a pure gas in procedures of international collation. JSC "MGPZ" is a reliable and responsible supplier of high-purity methane and provides it to all Russian customers.


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