Central Laboratory

Лаборатория МГПЗ

 Each enterprise which cares about its reputation pays special attention to the quality of produced goods. High quality indicators of our products are linked tightly with a wide range of organizational, technological and technical factors and the main one is the plant’s laboratory with its 50-years traditions.



Program of development

Development program.

In august 2012 JSC “Moscow Gas Refinery Plant” adopted a complex development program of the plant’s laboratory until 2015. According this program the laboratory has enhanced the list of designated components in carbon dioxide. Besides requirements of GOST 8050-85 we offer carbon dioxide analysis in accordance with extended list. In November 2012 we opened chemical analysis laboratory. We plan to increase the number of zero gases produced by our company by 1.5 times in the 1st quarter of 2013. Our laboratory is one of the leaders in the sphere of gas mixtures and pure gases quality control in Russia. Our main goal is to provide clients with high quality services and ensure them in fairness of our analysis. We conduct about 10 000 tests every year and this together with our unique experience contributes to the final results. We always strive to renovate our equipment and improve qualification of our employees by means of internal and external educational programs.


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