Compressed natural gas. Methane sales & fuelling.

Methane sales Our company sales compressed natural gas Methane 24 hours a day and provides related services to the customers. The process of fuelling with CNG is effected under the pressure of 250 kgs/cm2. Compressed natural gas is made of flammable natural gas by means of compressing and extraction of alloys such as water and carbon dioxide using a compressor gas-filling station. The technological process doesn’t not include changing of gas composition.
The compression is put into practice due to involvement of rotary screw compressors
CNG produced by JSC "Moscow Gas Refinery Plant" meets the requirements of GOST 27577-2000 for internal combustion engines.
Cleaning natural gas from water is effected on the Dutch gas dehydration equipment produced by DELAIR and this bring about the best performance in Russia. The dew point temperature in CNG is minus 60-70 Celsius degrees.
Compressed natural gas> is used as an alternative source of fuel for internal combustion engines for the following means of transport: automobiles, railway transport, water transport and agricultural equipment 
Methane sales Compressed natural gas is transported in gas balloons by automobile transport and portable gas filling units in accordance with transportation rules.
The fuelling with CNG is effected by means of fuel dispensing units. Compressed natural gas as a fuel is certified and has a safety certificate No. 00153318.02.18404 dated by October 23, 2007.


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