Gas fire fighting units which use unique gas fire-extinguishing composition “Inergen” are widely known all around the world and effectively used in Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the USA, China and in many other countries. This composition is produced in our plant and it is designed to fight a fire of A, B and C classes by means of volumetric method. The most significant facilities which use “Inergen” as a fire-extinguishing composition in their halon fire suppression units are The Louvre museum in Paris, The Norwegian Royal Library in Oslo and Norwegian oil drilling platforms. The main specifications for designing, engineering and employment of halon fire suppression units with gas fire-extinguishing composition are the following: NFPA, ISO 14520, prEN 15004, IMOMSCCirk. 848.



It is worth using “Inergen” fire-extinguishing composition in control rooms, premises equipped with high-tech production equipment involved in continuous operation process, server rooms, repositories and archive depositories, museums, cinemas and entertainment centers.

"Inergen" which is used for fire-fighting purposes is harmless for people and it doesn’t limit the time spent in premises filled with this gas;

It is transparent which is vital in case of staff evacuation.;

"Inergen" is nonconducting and noncondensable dry gas which may be used in conjunction with electronic equipment excluding the risk of arc discharge;

It doesn’t damage equipment and other assets;

It is certified in Russia;

"Inergen" is much cheaper than chlorofluorocarbon.

Gas fire fighting units on “Inergen” are capable of extinguishing a fire within 60 seconds!

Exploitation of this fire-extinguishing composition will lead to excluding the probability of tragedies which took place in nursing homes, crowded areas and in submarines.

Inergen. Lack of losses.

“Inergen” doesn’t influence any equipment, documents and records etc. as it is is nonconducting and noncondensable dry gas which may be used in conjunction with electronic equipment excluding the risk of arc discharge. After activation it makes air more transparent and dryer, doesn’t make decay products and not hinder staff evacuation.


Inergen. Weight.

The weight of the gallant is close to the weight of air and this fact results in proportional and sustainable mixing of gases.


"Inergen" is produced by mixing three well-known gases: Nitrogen (N2), Argon (Ar) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the proportion of 52/40/8 % respectively. For the purposes of producing "Inergen" in Russia the license of Danish company "Fire Eater A/S" was obtained.


It was approved by Danish Maritime Authority, Lloyd Register, VDS (Germany), NFPA and FM (The USA), Det Norske Veritas (Norway) and other authorities of different countries. In Russia Inergen-operated systems are approved by the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization, The State Fire-Fighting Service, The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. "Inergen" is certified for compliance and fire safety.


Gas fire fighting units FE-ISM-300-80-7 are grouped and they form fire-extinguishing equipment. One unit can be activated by means of an electric impulse, manually or by air-operated source. Activation of the rest units is effected by pneumatic initiators which supplying air pressure from the initially activated unit. Gas fire fighting units are equipped with two ignition cylinders which back up each other so as to rely on electric impulse activation of the system. Leakage of "Inergen" from units and pressure loss are supervised by pressure indicators
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