The Vice Speaker of the Federation Council paid a visit to the “Moscow Gas Refinery Plant” on March 19..
IMG 2072Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Alexander Troshin visited JSC “Moscow Gas Refinery Plant” and held a meeting with CEO of “MGPZ” Gennady Chalbushnikov. Evgeny Kazazaev deputy CFO of JSC “Rosgazifikaciya” and the chairman of the board of directors of “MGPZ” also took part in the meeting..
During his visit Alexander Troshin was acquainted with eco-friendly gas composition “Inergen” which is produced at the plant and used in automatic fire-extinguishing systems. Inergen consists of atmospheric gases i.e. nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. Its operation principles are based on decreasing oxygen concentration up to the level when combustion is impossible.
In Russia inergen produced by “MGPZ” has been deployed since 1998 in The Depository of The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, in The Pashkov House in Moscow, in Sberbank offices all over Russia, in Samara’s police ammunition warehouses, in LLC “Nizhegorodskaya Mobile Network” offices, in Kazan’s republican library, in LLC “Lukoil” in Kaliningrad and in many other companies and facilities.
In accordance with Evgeny Kazazaev the meeting was held in a friendly and business atmosphere and the outlook for plant’s and gas industry development was clearly stipulated in the of the discussion.
He also mentioned that government support is vital for gas industry and the visit of Alexander Troshin to “MGPZ” is a great example of cooperation between business and state authorities.
JSC “MGPZ” produces standard samples of top rank zero gases. These gas mixtures are made of certified raw materials and they are also qualified measuring tools in accordance with the license No.006514-I dated by June 4, 2010 for repairing and production of measuring tools. Zero gas production is a high-tech and unique enterprise. It’s impossible to check gas environment analytical equipment for energy, chemical, metal, gas and oil refining industries without top rank zero gases which perform functions of working standards.
Zero gas production is performed with the assistance of the working standard of zero unit position of the mole fraction of component by means of gravimetric method with compound certification. For top rank zero gases production we use pure gases i.e. comparison standards. We have a license for manufacturing 61 zero gas types and we put into operation zero unit position working standard in 2009.

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