Examination of balloons
Do you have problems at the receipt of diagnostic map or raising (removal) can’t be carried out on an account?
Does your car have gas balloon equipment?
Are balloons refused to fill on priming?
Does the term of examination of balloons end?
Is there no place officially to pressurize balloons in Moscow?
We will work out your problems!
Many users of gas balloon equipment know that balloons of LPG (propane and butane) installed in their cars, must be examined every two years. But many of them don’t know what it is and think this is just a formality. It is a big mistake because a tested balloon guarantees safety in the use of gas balloon equipment and eliminates the problems described above.
JSC MGPZ provides services for examination and hydraulic test of balloons as well as engages in service of gas balloon equipment.
In contrast to other companies, we have the certificate of RTN and the personal stamp giving the right to provide such services.
Also, we provide services of examination for filling balloons of propane, methane, oxygen, helium, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, welding mixtures.
Technical examination of balloons without a stamp is not actual.
• certification of automobile balloons for filling LPG (propane and butane) is held 1 time in 2 years;
• certification of automobile balloons made of alloyed steel for filling CNG -1 time in 5 years;
• certification of automobile balloons made of carbon steel for filling CNG - 1 time in 3 years;
• certification for balloons made of carbon steel should be carried out 1 time in 5 years;
• certification of balloons installed permanently, filled with inert gases – 1 time in 10 years;
• certification of monoblock – 1 time in 10 years.
The procedure for examination of balloons
1. Preparation of balloons
First of all, balloons surfaces, admitted for examination, are cleaned up from dirt, are washed with water. Then balloons are released from the gas and its non-evaporable residues, the block of armature is dismantled and, if it's necessary, the degassing of balloons is carried out with steam under pressure not less than 0.04 MPa. The internal surface of the balloon is cleaned up from dirt, corrosion products, fatty and oily stains, is washed with water.
2. Inspection of the outward and internal surfaces of balloons
The inspection of surface is performed in order to identify defects such as chip, crack, blight, shabbiness, dent that reduce durability of balloons. All the outward and internal surfaces, welded joints, necks are exposed to inspection (except for balloons up to 55 liters for LPG).
The balloon is unfit for use if:
• there are cracks, corrosion and other damages to the depth of 10% of the nominal wall thickness on the surface;
• welded joints of balloons have cracks;
• there are dents or other deformation of the frame.
3. Hydraulic testing
The hydraulic testing of steel balloons is conducted in order to verify the durability of balloons. The balloon is filled with room temperature water (in order to avoid condensation on the walls of the balloon). The balloon is loaded with water under pressure a half times greater of the working and maintained at this pressure for 2 minutes (if another time is not envisaged in the passport of balloons). Then, pressure is reduced to the working and hold an inspection of balloons surfaces and welded joints. If deformations of the frame, leaks, cracks, and other are detected, this balloon is excluded. The internal surface of the balloon is dried up after the hydraulic testing .
The stamp of organization is putted on the neck of balloon after all tests and the date of current and next examination is beaten out. Then the balloon is painted in the color of the filled gas, marked, dries.
JSC MGPZ possesses all necessary equipment and qualification of employees to provide high exactness and quality of examination.
After realization of the technical examination of balloons, installed in cars, our client is given:
• the certificate " To realization of periodic tests of gas balloon equipment installed in cars ";
• the evidence confirming the right to provide this service.
Remember that your life and the lives of people around you depend on it.
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