Zero gas

JSC “Moscow Gas Refinery Plant” is one of the first zero gas producers in Russia. We offer a wide range of zero gases which are used as working standards for industrial and laboratory chromatographs and gas analysis units. The main customers are energy, ecological, nuclear, chemical, gas and oil refining industries.
Zero gases are divided into zero, first and second categories depending on their production deviations. The production technology is based on mixing pure gases in the certain ratio. The final aim is to obtain the exact mixture ordered by our customers.
All zero gases are produced in accordance with specification ТУ 6-16-2956-92 and license No. 006514-И issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology on June 4, 2010.
Nowadays due to availability of gas mixing units and analytical equipment our plant is able to manufacture both zero gases and nonstandard calibration mixtures by individual orders. Such mixtures can be used for adjusting and calibrating of analytical equipment.

Поверочные газовые смесиПоверочные газовые смесиПоверочные газовые смеси

We offer the following:

  • Short manufacturing terms
  • Conservative prices
  • High quality of products
  • Detailed consultation by our specialists

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