Medical gas mixtures


Медицинские смесиМедицинские смесиJSC “Moscow Gas Refinery Plant” produces gas mixtures which contain nitrogen oxide as a basic component.
Such mixtures are manufactured in aseptic conditions by means of modern gas analytical equipment which is certified by ROSTEST. All raw materials are exposed to quality control procedures.
Before production of gas mixtures with nitrogen oxide gas balloons are gone through special preparation. Isolation valves made of stainless steel are used.
Triple quality control ensures outstanding performance and purity of nitrogen oxide gas mixture. The last laboratory analysis usually takes place in 14 days after the gas mixture was produced so as to provide temporary NO stability.
These gas mixtures are widely used all over the world in cardio surgery for treatment of pulmonary hypertension. Pulmonary hypotensive effect which is achieved by using nitrogen oxide is not followed by system hypotension. Easy test dosing, absence of serious side effects and low cost are the main factors which contribute to enhancing of nitrogen oxide employment in medicine.
Nitrogen oxide inhalations are effective against critical respiratory insufficiency. They allow to optimize artificial lung ventilation and to recover arterial hypoxemia.
Thus nitrogen oxide is applied in cardiology, intensive therapy, neonatology and surgery.

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