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JSC “Moscow Gas Refinery Plant” produces zero gas in compliance with specification ТУ 6-16-2956-92 and license for measuring facilities production No. 006514-И issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology on June 4, 2010 with validity till June 4, 2015..
Our plant produces binary and multicomponent gas mixtures in conformity with technical regulations which has been approved according to specification ТУ 2114-002-00153318-02 “Technical gas mixtures” and ТУ 2114-013-00153318-06 “Gas mixtures”

Gas mixtures

Газовые смесиGas mixtures are designed for technological and R&D purposes and also for employment in measuring equipment. They are produced by blending two or more components and similar pure gases in certain volume. Gas mixtures are stored in high-pressure balloons of different capacity which are made of carbon steel in accordance with GOST 949-73. Also mixtures are transported in imported aluminum balloons which have been certified in Russia. Guaranteed storage life is 12 months.


The following performance is set for gas mixtures:
  • Scheduled proportion of a designated component
  • Assumed production deviation
  • Assumed analysis deviation
The growth of gas mixtures employment has affected nearly all industries of national economy. They are sought after not only by gas filling stations but by scientific organizations, food industry, medicine, Department of Defense, aerospace industry and other.

Packing gas mixtures.

Упаковочные газовые смесиPacking gas mixtures. Not many producers approve goods in widely advertized vacuum packing. They like products which are stored in a special gas environment as it positively contributes to goods’ appearance and useful life.
Following their recommendations such companies of Moscow Region as “Protvinskiy”, “Chertanovskiy”, “Kolomenskiy”, “Ochakovskiy” and other have turned to the new modern way of packing goods.
Nitrogen oxide in nitrogen which is produced by our company is essential not only for the famous Bakulev’s Cardiovascular Surgery Centre but also for many maternity homes and local hospitals.
Газовые смеси
Fire fighting units have been placing more and more orders for multicomponent gases for fire-fighting systems as employment of water usually brings about spoiling of furniture and expensive equipment. The most effective utilization of such gases is in closed areas.

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