Technical hydrogen


One of the main activities of JSC “MGPZ” is production of pure and rare gases including technical hydrogen.

 Водород технический

Hydrogen is the lightest chemical element which is 14.5 times lighter than air. It is colorless flammable gas without smell. Hydrogen density in normal conditions is 0.06 kg/m3 with heat of combustion of 28670 kcal and ignition energy of 0.017 MJ. Together with air and oxygen it forms explosive mixture. The mixture of hydrogen and chlorine in the ratio 1:1 is explosive in the light, hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio 2:1 is known as detonating gas. Explosive limits are 4-75% and 4.1-96% in combination with air and oxygen respectively.

Technical hydrogen is produced in accordance with GOST 3022-80 which requirements are applied to technical hydrogen which is employed in chemical, petrochemical, metal, pharmaceutical electronic and other industries.

We provide technical hydrogen in 40 l. green steel balloons in compliance with GOST 949 under the pressure of 14.2-15.2 MPa at the temperature of 20 0C. All balloons are equipped with KBV-53 valve and are always in stock.

Our company works with exchangeable customers’ balloons which are supposed to have the residual pressure not less than 0.05 MPa.


Balloons filled with hydrogen are transported by all means of transport except aircrafts in compliance with rules for carriage of dangerous goods and rules for design and safe operation of pressure vessels. Carriage of balloons with hydrogen and oxygen are unacceptable.



Balloons filled with hydrogen are stored at special warehouse premises or on open sites under cover which protects balloons from fallout and sun beams. This gas is supposed to be stored separately from other gases at other warehouses.



Technical hydrogen is used in aerospace engineering, chromatography, heat processing of metal products, production of high-purity metals etc.

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