Zero, pure and rare gases.

Нулевые, чистые и редкие газыZero, pure and rare gases are used for checking equipment and gas analyzers as zero gas and technical gas mixture components, carrier gases for chromatographs. They are produced and supplied in conformity with GOST or technical specifications.

Нулевые, чистые и редкие газыThe following manufacturing areas were put into operation in a gas mixtures workshop so as to increase the volume of production:
  • Pure (zero) air preparation unit
  • Active gas and material production area
  • Thermal vacuum balloon preparation and gas mixing units
In order to provide production of zero gases, technical gas mixtures and other gas products we developed and obtained the following certificates and licenses:
  • The license of the State Committee for Supervision of Industrial and Mining Practices for production of technical, medical and zero gases.
  • Fire safety certificate for inergen
  • Hygienic certificate for gas mixtures production
  • Technical specifications for multicomponent gas mixtures and inergen.

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