Methane is a noble compound which belongs to stable hydrocarbons. Methane is a simple hydrocarbon without color and smell. It’s lighter than the air, hardly dissolvable in water nontoxic and harmless for health. However in accordance with statistics methane is a toxic compound which affects cerebrospinal axis. In indoor area in the conditions of high concentration (5%-15%) this gas is explosive. Its freezing point is -184 0C For industrial and household use methane is odorized.
Due to high combustion temperature methane is more frequently used as a fuel in the areas which do not provided with pipeline gas. Liquefied gas is used as gasoline in internal combustion engines of cars, in planes, vessels and locomotives.
Being available hydrocarbon methane employment as a chemical raw has been rapidly growing. Methane combustion and decomposition reactions are used for soot production. For this purpose air is fed in special ovens in the amount which allows to burn only a part of gas. The other part decompounds and forms microblack soot.
JSC “Moscow Gas Refinery Plant” is the only one producer in Russia which outputs high-purity methane in conformity with technical specification 51-841-87 with adjustments 1-3. It’s mainly used for gas mixtures production and in laboratories.
We offer Methane 4.0 (99.99%) in 40 l. carbon steel balloons. Each balloon is filled with 4.75 kgs of methane.

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