Nitrogen is an important element which constitutes 75% of the atmosphere. It is vital for plants and animals and harmless for environment.
Nitrogen is a noble gas without color, smell and taste and it is produced from the air. In industry nitrogen is widely used as an inert environment for parts purging, storage and transportation of easily oxidable products, high-temperature processing of metals and for temporary closing-down of isolated pipelines and tanks. As nitrogen is non-explosive it is employed in mining by filling mines with nitrogen and providing safety environment.
Nitrogen is a component of ammonia, explosive, fertilizers, colorants and it is used in the process of fuel feeding of rocket engines and pumps. In analysis it is operated as a carrier gas. Moreover landing gear is also filled with technical nitrogen.


JSC “MGPZ” provides nitrogen in 40 litres carbon steel balloons.

  • Extra-pure 1st grade nitrogen (99.999%) GOST 9293-74
  • Zero nitrogen (99.996%) Specification 6-21-39-96
  • Technical nitrogen (99.6%) GOST 9293-74


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