Automatic gas filling compressor stations. Filling of cars and balloons with propane.

Заправка автомобилей пропаномAutomatic gas filling compressor station No.1 is a structural unit of our plant and it provides gas driven cars and mobile gas tank trucks with CNG and propane-butane gas mixture. Our gas filling station was the first one to be opened in Moscow and it was put into operation in 1983 in association with Italian company Nuovo Pignone. Nowadays it has a modern technological base which helps to achieve the best results in the industry.
AGFCS’ performance:
  • Estimated amount of provided services of filling cars with CNG – 500 per 24 hours.
  • Estimated amount of provided services of filling cars with propane-butane gas mixture – 450 per 24 hours.
  • Capacity – 50 000 ncm3/24 hours
  • Maximum gas pressure:
    • For filling gas balloon equipment – not more than 19.6 MPa
    • For filling mobile gas filling stations – not more than 25 MPa
    • For filling new generation GBE and MGFS – up to 25 MPa*
*For these purposes gas booster compressor DN-900 was put into operation. It allows to compress natural gas to the level of 320 atmospheres.
Заправка автомобилей метаномCNG we use absolutely corresponds to the technical requirements stipulated by GOST 27577-2000. As far as alloys level is concerned it is the lowest in Russia.






Technological base:

  • Compressed gas drying unit (Delair, The Netherlands)
  • 2BVTN/3 compressors (Nuovo Pignone, Italy)
  • Filling units (Adast, The Czech Republic)
  • Nonevaporable residuals draining unit which comprises the Krug compressor with capacity of 190 l./minute (The USA).

The delivery of propane-butane is effected by means of three semi-trailer tanks with capacity of 38 m3.

АГНКС. МоскваWe offer:
  • Filling gas driven cars with our products. This operation can be paid by bank transfers.
  • Filling household balloons with propane-butane.
  • Draining of nonevaporable residuals. We also provide balloons for replacement.

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