Throughout its more than half a century history the Moscow Gas Refinery Plant has been transformed from the head plant specialized in natural gas liquefaction in the central part of Russia to modern and high-tech producer of wide range of gas products

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JSC MGPZ is located at the intersection of the 23rd km of MKAD and Kashirskoye highway and it operates its own Automatic Compressor Gas Filler Station ,and performs 24 hours gas bottles and automobiles filling with gas.
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  • Production and sales: cryogenic products of air separation: – neon, helium, argon.
  • Production and sales: gas mixtures, control gas mixtures (ПГС-ГСО), technical gases,welding gases and mixtures. Propane sales.
  • Sales: condensed natural gas, petroleum and gas refinery products including propane , and methane and fuelling
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JSC MGPZ rents industrial premises.

 Ceiling height is 8 metres, square from 500 m2.

For rent contact us: 

+7 (498) 657-48-59

+7 (926) 213-09-67

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     JSC MGPZ offers delivery of propane and filling gas tanks and cylinders directly in suburban areas, at the customer premises. We offer the highest quality propane-butane at an affordable price. For more details contact with sales department.

(498) 657-48-24.

(498) 657-47-91.


The Vice Speaker of the Federation Council paid a visit to the “Moscow Gas Refinery Plant” on March 19..
IMG 2072Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Alexander Troshin visited JSC “Moscow Gas Refinery Plant” and held a meeting with CEO of “MGPZ” Gennady Chalbushnikov. Evgeny Kazazaev deputy CFO of JSC “Rosgazifikaciya” and the chairman of the board of directors of “MGPZ” also took part in the meeting..
During his visit Alexander Troshin was acquainted with eco-friendly gas composition “Inergen” which is produced at the plant and used in automatic fire-extinguishing systems. Inergen consists of atmospheric gases i.e. nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. Its operation principles are based on decreasing oxygen concentration up to the level when combustion is impossible.
In Russia inergen produced by “MGPZ” has been deployed since 1998 in The Depository of The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, in The Pashkov House in Moscow, in Sberbank offices all over Russia, in Samara’s police ammunition warehouses, in LLC “Nizhegorodskaya Mobile Network” offices, in Kazan’s republican library, in LLC “Lukoil” in Kaliningrad and in many other companies and facilities.


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